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At uniformNZ we can help create and manage your uniform and branding requirements with our online tools. Need printed clothing for your team, or a full corporate uniform for franchises around NZ? We can help put your uniforms together quickly and professionally. Get started online by picking a category or view our most popular options below. SYZMIK Workwear. Under development and continuous strict testing for safety compliance, durability and comfort the SYZMIK range of workwear has been developed to meet the needs of hard working men and women in the workplace across a variety of industries. Workwear that works as hard as you. Flash Sportswear Range. A team uniform favourite - the Flash range is loaded with all the colour and style options you need to make even the youngest members feel a part of the club - right down to the matching Cap and Sports Bags! Mix and match with many other sports styles, hoodies and tracksuits to complete your team look. Corporate Shirts. Although shirts are considered a wardrobe staple, the new Boulevard range is anything but basic, with a colour and range story to impress. It's all about the cut, from crisp, clean lines of Fifth Avenue, the tailored shape of Bordeaux, through to the more relaxed fabric and print of Solanda. The Boulevard ensures a fit for every taste. Take your uniform to the next level. Dye sublimated apparel is popular as you can uniquely have any logo designs, patterns, numbers, names or sponsors printed onto your garments permanently using a fantastic range of colours and techniques. Let us know the type of garment you would like, colour and logo requirements and we will design something to suit you.

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